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“Life &” is a podcast series where our host interviews a wide range of influential guests ranging from industry thought leaders, company founders, artists, CEO’s and more.

The goal of our show is to provide you with an entertaining way to find out where your deepest passions lie, how to uncover them, and what it takes to truly pursue them.

We’re looking forward to exploring countless success stories as you build and grow yourself and your career with us.

– James and the Life & team

“The purpose of our life is to help others through it.”

– Peter Matthiessen

Episode 07: William Braemer – Life & Art

Episode 06: Frankie Ruiz – Life & Running

Episode 05: Dean Teague – Life & Healthcare

Episode 03: Dave Nelson – Life & Education

Episode 02: Michael Parker – Life & State

Episode 01: Matthew Augustyn – Life & Banking

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