Episode 07: William Braemer – Life & Art

On this episode, Life & Art, we will be discussing William Braemer’s life experiences including founding Art Fusion Galleries and the challenges and successes he experienced through representing over 800 emerging artists from around the world.

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0:01:00 – Introduction

0:03:00 – William’s upbringing in New York

0:05:00 – William was encouraged to study business at FIU

0:06:30 – Transition from working in fashion at Macy’s to studying culinary arts

0:07:00 – Applied to several apprenticeships in culinary arts at fine hotels in Europe

0:08:00 – Stayed in the hotel and persistence led to getting the apprenticeship at the Splendid Royal in Lugano Switzerland, near Lake Cuomo, Italy which is just north of Milan

0:12:00 – Worked his way through Italy over 3-4 years working in hotels as a chef

0:13:00 – Finished apprenticeship in Europe and moved to Puerto Rico where he owned several bars and catering businesses in the mid-80’s while painting “like a mad man” and smashing a few paintings

0:14:30 – Moved to Miami after selling businesses in Puerto Rico and bought a hotel

0:16:00 – Difficulties getting into galleries as an emerging artist

0:17:00 – Looked at the “wild west” of the Design District and found a location on 40th street to set up a small gallery with his work and sold a sculpture and two paintings in his first month

0:19:00 – Success during the first year in business in the Design District

0:20:30 – Most galleries do not want to deal with emerging artists

0:21:00 – How to submit art for review by William and his team: Artist Submission

0:22:00 – Opened a second location next to his first with 35 artist from around the world

0:24:00 – Created a contract specialized in working with emerging artists containing key elements: time limit of exhibition, price and commission basis

0:27:30 – Combining business and artistic sides to create and curate gallery

0:31:00 – Soaring rents through the years as the Design District became more developed

0:32:30 – Gallery Nights and consistency of the second Saturday of every month

0:34:00 – Larger mid-town gallery of 8,000 square foot displaying 65 artists works

0:35:30 – Zika virus and how it affected the mid-town gallery

0:42:00 – Transition to Wynwood gallery and what prompted this

0:43:00 – Opening St. Petersburg gallery

0:47:00 – Changing with the times: Facebook live feeds, podcasts, experiencing art differently

0:52:00 – Working with the artists that William represents

0:53:30 – Joshua Wingerter Coronavirus-era Paintings on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans

0:56:00 – Rogers Behavioral Health facilities in Miami and Minnesota

0:59:00 – Vito Abba artist and his connection with William

1:03:00 – American’s in London: Art Fusion Galleries and Abba Gallery

1:07:00 – William’s coin sculptures and the story and inspiration behind them

1:15:30 – “There is some kind of challenge with everything that is worthwhile”

1:16:30 – Encouragement by William’s father to pursue business

1:19:00 – “When you buy art, you are buying a moment in time during the artist’s life that can never be recreated”

1:20:00 – Having art forged with William’s name and signature for a fraction of the price

1:21:30 – Public works including Pompano Beach coin fish piece

1:24:00 – Nick Napoletano muralist story on the wall of Art Fusion Gallery

1:30:30 – Vision for the next five years and expected changes to come

1:33:00 – Be able to answer that you shared your talent with the world

1:35:30 – William’s words of wisdom to emerging artists

William Braemer

Art Fusion Galleries

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